Aug 29 2008


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Jared loves to have a cooked breakfast if he has a long day ahead of him, such as five hours of lectures to give, preaching on a Sunday, or giving lectures at night. So here is what he had ( I sometimes join him). This time he had an extra treat, freshly squeezed orange juice!Just in case you think I am the perfect housewife (yeah right!), Jared would like me to inform you that his spot at the table was still sticky! You just can’t find good help these days…..

Today I cleaned out Lachlan and Cassandra’s room. I have been putting it off for various reasons. Every day, the cupboard gets totally emptied, Lachlan also collects every piece of paper and piece of wire….. Guess what I found under Cassandra’s bed? I have been looking for these.

As you can see Camden found it very amusing. Note to self “check under the bed when you need a spoon!”.

On a brighter note, look at these Camilias, we have a lovely bush out the front of our home. I love flowers, have I said that before?

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