Nov 16 2010

For Mum

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Mum, ┬áhas asked me to show Cassandra on her “Princess Chair”, so here she is the chair..This is a very special chair, for a special little girl.

My mum came over today to give me some pressies that my sister bought for me from Thailand. How spoilt am I? She bought me some cool shoes.a cute bag.and the star of attraction, which everyone in the family is loving is…our first full PS3 game.The thing I like the best, is that you put your own face into a figure (I get a chance to be thin again :D). This is my mum as a cartoon person.I think that it looks like her.

On a different note, the children and I drove up to Moe for the Church Fete on Saturday. It was lovely to see everyone from our old church, it is always difficult to walk away. The children and I went for a little walk around afterwards.On Friday night I took Alycia to see Luke Holt doing his comedy show. We were given free tickets from a friend, nice!Yesterday, I had to take Cassandra to the eye doctor. She was so excited to have a day out with me, but then….she had to have those terrible eye drops that sting. The poor little dear.I took the photo to distract her…Afterwards I bought her a milkshake, now she is happy.Princess’s need to be loved you know.

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