Nov 11 2010

On the Table.

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These were on the table this week.  Jared had to  present his doctorate to a bunch of “important” People, so he had a few copies ready for their viewing. these are the leftovers.

I have been busy with making Gingerbread! Remember how I offered to make 38 gingerbread houses. I don’t have to assemble them, just make the pieces. Here is the simple recipe.cook for 13 minutes.

One lot (as pictured below) made 2 1/2 sets .these turned into…above is only about 9 sets.

What else have I been up to? I have just joined up to swap here. I think it is open until tomorrow. I am adding three of my children to receive parcels.Cassandra cut her hair again! This is not as bad as last time, it is almost trendy.

A person I know won some tickets to hear Luke Holt from Light Fm, she couldn’t go, so she has given them to me. How cool is that? I am very excite about it. I will take Alycia with me.

I received my Chrisco vouchers from K mart. So I have bought a few things this week. A number of Christmas gifts, two pairs of shoes for Camden. An outdoor broom, and the list goes on. They are all but gone now. Don’t you hate how money goes so quickly?

At the moment I am watching Romeo and Juliet with Stephanie. She has to study the movies (old and new) for her English class. The new movie has a lot of perverter scenes in it, one scene is like Sodom and Gomorrah. It makes me sad that my sweet girl is now exposed to this.This is bunny (not actually ours, in case you are worried), it has bitten the girls a number of times. The photo is scary don’t you think?isn’t this toy cool? You can check out this and others from

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