Nov 04 2010

Agro Mummas.

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Is it just me, or are there a lot of angry women out there? The other week I was at a Boys Brigade event and a woman took my attention, as she was pulling on a child’s arm (hard), and yelling, or should I say spitting at the child, and two others. She might of been having a bad day, granted, but she was so angry. Later in the day, my son was her son’s partner, they were about to race (on a go cart), and she grabbed her son’s arm, yanking him away, and said that “we’re going”, I said, “Oh,they are about to race”, she turned to me with gritted teeth, and growled “my other son is injured I have to leave, is that alright with you?”  Ok, I said in a shocked way. As it was she didn’t leave, but she left an impression.

When I lived in Moe, I remember children being called the worst names in the most aggressive ways, and just for the record, I know I’m not quitless. I am naturally an emotional, and aggressive person. I have prayed all through my life to have a gentle and quiet spirit, to be kind and loving, but it’s hard. In fact, this is one of the reasons that led me to be a Christian. My mum recieved a call from my school, saying that I was a nasty little thing. It wasn’t long after, that I heard about Christ, and how He was not only willing to forgive me, but that he would be with me, and love me, despite me. I digress, I was speaking about agro mummas.

Nancy Campbell, the Above Rubies lady, always says “Mums, be Sweet” what good advice that is. If you are doing too much (which I think most women are), tone it down, and be sweet. Proverbs 31 says “The law of kindness is on her lips”  May God make this true for me. I found this useful site, with some good advice, take a look.

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  1. Narelleon 08 Nov 2010 at 6:59 am

    Yes, sigh… too many agro mums… even on FB I will sometimes read a friend calling their child a b**ch or worse. Why is this do you think? Is it the lack of value placed on good parenting? The offloading of many responsibilities elsewhere so there is a greater expectation of an easier life… and agro pops up when life isn’t so easy? (which with children, can be often!)… sad

  2. Kylieon 10 Nov 2010 at 8:26 am

    Oh dear – hugs to you and for you DS for being witness to this womens BAD mood – although I am sadly seeing more and more women in a bad mood every day – it breaks my heart to think that mothers can not stop what they are doing and take some time for there children – for without our children we would not be mothers would we.

    Thanks for the emails and for coming to join in the fun. Looking forward to the excitment that the kids will recieve both from the giving and recieving of mail:)

    Hugs again

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