Oct 30 2010

Teenage Granny.

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My Stephanie (15) is hooked on crochet, she is seriously one cool Teenage Granny. Here are some sneek peeks at a couple of Christmas gifts that she has ready. The ninja is for Cassandra.oh, I can’t show you the next one just in case G’pa reads my blog. Then there is this worm, it is cute, but could be mistaken for something else (if you know what I mean).Yesterday I had a visit from my friendly postman, perhaps I should be on a first name basis now. The embarrasing thing for me was that I ordered about 8 books from http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/bestsellers/?a_aid=notebookco, and they posted them seperately, so I had a visit everday for three days. Yesterday I got 5 at once!Eye Candy is it not?

Yesterday I had my dad pop in for lunch, which was special. He had a meeting near my area, so he thought he would say hi, and join us for lunch.

Today has been a quiet day, Lachlan didn’t have sport because of the long cup weekend. We had visitors tonight, which was lovely. We met this family when Jared and I were just married (18 years ago), now they have 6 children, three are considered adults now. Life goes so quickly. God, help me to be thankful everyday for the blessings that we often take from granted.

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