Oct 28 2010


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What a week of driving. Tuesday I drove to and from Buln Buln to visit Jared’s grandparents, got home, cooked tea, then drove into the city for Lachlan’s drama night.He played a judge. Then I had to take him back to Scotch the next morning for 6:30 rowing. Of course there are other children to take care of, with School and all the rest. This is the first night home at this time for the week!See this cup? We went and saw my mum yesterday, and she pulled this cup out to give Cassandra a drink. This was my baby cup! Who would have thought that one day my sweet little girl would drink from it too? Maybe one day her little girl will drink from it too.We went to visit a friend who just had a lovely baby boy, Jared made him cry…but look at Lachlan’s magic touch.So sweet, don’t you think?In between all the regular driving and dropping off etc, I have been trying to tidy up a bit. Here is the linen cupboard, let’s see how long it will stay this tidy. I think that I need to sort through Cassandra’s cupboard.So much stuff. My advice for anyone starting out is not to buy/hoard lots of things. It makes your life stressful when your house is overflowing with things, even if they are good items. Life is more peaceful when your house is tidy.

Tommorow I will begin a giveaway, so stay tuned.Here are some sneek peeks, from the book that I will offer tommorow.

andand one more.I’ll see you tommorow.

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