Oct 17 2010

Wonderful Memories

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As a mum, do you ever remember a time feeling flustered with a crying baby in a public place? I remember so many awkward moments, when the children screamed like they were being murdered? Do you remember your face turning red, your heart beat increasing, your hands trembling? Well, it may sound rather traumatic, but I do. I saw a young girl this week with a baby who was doing just this, in the op shop. This poor young girl, had a baby lying on the floor without a nappy screaming. I heard her on the phone, say “Dad, can you pick me up, and mum must have taken the nappies out of the bag, why did she take them out of the bag?” My heart went out to her. I wanted to hug the screaming baby, instead I said “hang in there” I went and had a look through the baby things in the op shop, and found one of those terry toweling cloth nappies, I said that I would buy it for her, she took it. As it was, the op shop lady said don’t worry about paying for it, she would have given it to her, if she knew it was there. Then I left. It made me think, there must be some young girls who need a little encouragement with their babies. I could play mumma to them, is this weird? I hope that I bump into her again.If you are a mum, or know of one, why don’t you subscribe to this free magazine at http://aboverubies.org/ It’s a great little magazine, with stories from mums all over the world. I might not agree with all of their theology, but who can deny that they are trying to promote godly motherhood, and godly wives.

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  1. kAY eDWARDSon 18 Oct 2010 at 12:48 pm

    How nice for that poor young mother to hear an understanding word and to accept an act of kindness.
    These are the things that make a difference in our day.

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