Oct 12 2010

Spring Has Sprung!

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Don’t you just love Spring? It makes you want to clean, don’t you think? I feel a little lost after I finish with Dayspring Day, so I decided it would be best to really give the house a good clean. So I started in the kitchen, with good ole Sugar Soap. I cleaned down a lot of the cupboards, and some of the insides, the mouldings, things in the cupboards etc. I notice a huge differance, but no one else will, but that’s ok. At this rate, it will take me a week just to get through the entire (small) kitchen. Suddenly my house is looking very big.As you can see, it is gross! But with a little bit of elbow grease…A bit better, not worth putting it on my blog I guess…but, you know how it is, you gotta write something!As a bonus, I found this reward (hidden in the back of the cupboard), and no, you can’t check my cupboards for more, because I already have done so 😀Here is Stephanie with her new “School Stuff”, she is going to school for the first time tommorow. It’s a community school in case you were wondering. She will be doing year 11 and 12 next year, and getting an entrance score like every other year 12 student. This term is a “Settling in period”. I’m sure she will enjoy it.

On a side note, I found this little bag for $2 at the op shop. I have decided that I do not like leather, or hard handbags. I much prefer the soft bag banging into my children’s heads rather than a “brick”.

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