Sep 29 2010

It’s Done.

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Dayspring was today, and I am glad that it is over. I woke up at 4am to the sound of heavy rain/hail. I was thinking “oh no”, but then I thought about it. God is in control of everything, how could I get miffed at him sending rain? So I decided to be positve and think of plan B.We had about 80 children with their parents, I was hoping for 100 this year, but perhaps the heavy rain prevented people from coming?  We had Detective Dan talk this year, and Bible Bill on the phone (remind me not to do that one again, it was a total flop).

Here is a identi-kit picture of the APWM director, aka Bible Bill.

I was most excited by an eleven year old who read through the entire Bible in one year, how good is that? His name is Joshua, he got a medal to encourage him.This is the boy’s spy kit that Joshua won for being a super detective. Detective Morrow also gave a little girl a “Nancy Drew” kit as well.This is Stephanie and Lachlan, the prayer twins. I love the fact that my children are happy to do their bit. I am so thankful to God for them. Alycia has been a great help this year too, with the laminating that she did. Camden and Cassandra really wanted to help too, so they helped to sort the toys.  Jared and I are so blessed with our children.On a side note, look at these books that I bought for $1 yesterday, you heard me $1! 20 books for $1 or 50c each, so of course I choose 20 books. There are some gems in there, anything else will end up back in the op shop. I found a book on David Livingston, Florence Nightingale, and other popular titles such as Charlottes Web.

Well, that’s it for now.

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