Sep 27 2010

Busy Bees

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Despite not being 100%, we have been trying to carry on. My sister’s friend gave us free tickets to see the MSO in rehersal. I took Steph, Alycia, Camden and myself. It was in the Melb hall, so pretty.They played brilliantly! The head violinist played soooooo well.We caught the train in (an adventure for me). Camden really enjoyed  the trip. Half way through our trip I realised that Camden was wearing his top inside out.We went to the show on Friday. Jared bought the tickets for us 😀 Alycia and Cassandra stayed at my mum and dads for two nights, so they didn’t come with us. I have to show you Cassandra’s special chair in a couple of days. The above photo is Steph’s  dream, a whole pile of pigs!A funny bunny.I loved seeing Camden on a real police bike.My children are in a police van (hopefully the only time this happens).I had to check out the crafts and cakes….I bought my girl a hat! I gave it to her because she was looking a little grumpy, I thought it would lighten the mood. She took it well (despite mum saying that it was a kind of child abuse, haha). I wore it too 😀Stephanie is the grammar police, she saw this sign, and started to laugh. who puts a capital in the middle of a sentence? She also saw a card that said…”your invited”, ok, so not everyone has learn’t basic grammar (including me).The older children took part in a fundraiser on Sat. They did a great job, but only raised $200 for 5 hrs work, divided by (alot of children). It will go toward a camp that they all want to go on.check out these Barbies. London, Newyork and Paris. Speaking of Barbies, I found this blog with tutorials on how to make Barbie clothes, check it out.

Today we went op shopping and bought two detective coats for Steph and Lachlan to be the Detective Prayer Twins.

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