Sep 18 2010

Car Trouble

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Jared went out and found himself a new car. While the trade in had been organised, we had to wait for the new car to be ready.  When I went to pick up Stephanie from the library, I had a little looksie until she finished her work experience. One of the librarians started to walk around saying “Does anyone own a Commodore Wagon?” Well, you know where this is going don’t you? A lady had banged into our car (the car which was already booked to be traded the next day, ugh!). She was a lovely lady nice and honest, she even called her policeman husband to come..It wasn’t really a big deal, it was just the light that was smashed.

So we (read, Jared), organised it to get fixed, guess how much it cost. $168! What a rip off eh? Jared informed the chap, and left it up to him as to whether he will pay. Jared’s good like that, he isn’t nasty with money. So now we have our new car..Today Cassandra did some craft. Mummy guilt had hit me when she was asked by the eye doctor what she liked to do, Cassandra said “I like to paint, but mummy doesn’t like me to do it” Oh man! So I got out the paints, and now I remember why I don’t like her painting. I am now soaking her clothes, I have wiped the tables, the floor, her face..well, you get the picture.Steph and Lachlan are on camp at the moment, so it is soooooooo quiet here. The bathroom is even cleaner, what a differance two can make. I do miss them though 😀 We went off to the DFO this morning, yawn..I saw this cute door mat, and I thought “wouldn’t you feel loved if your fisherman husband bought this for your front door?”Saying that, I have to go to bed. I feel like an old lady right now. I have a chesty cold, no sore throat, just fluid in my lungs. My head is weird, and my legs ache. (yeah, you really needed to hear that whinge didn’t you?) Good night folks.

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  1. Joyon 19 Sep 2010 at 6:31 pm

    Hope you will feel better soon, and glad the car wasn’t worse!

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