Aug 23 2008

A little bit daft!

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That describes me at the moment! I am trying to do too many things at once. Nothing too taxing, but I’m a bit all over the place. I am printing, cutting, designing. I never finish one thing completely beforeĀ I start on something else. I have just started a “read your bible in a year” chart. Because the Dayspring theme is Fully Rely On God, or F.R.O.G. Frog is the them for the chart…see it so far. I have also printed out little flies for the children to stick on the appropriate frog for when they have read that book of the Bible.

Here is a draft of the little calendar that Stephanie designed for Dayspring. We have little photos of our missionaries to stick on their birthday squares, a little reminder to send them a card or something. Steph has been a huge help this year, she is putting a lot of effort into it herself.

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