Sep 14 2010

What Ya Doing?

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So what have you all been up to? Ok, sounds alright (let me just clarify that I really didn’t hear you, I’m just pretending, so you feel special). Me? So nice of you to ask (do I sound pycho yet?). Ok, just let me put down what I have been doing…um, er…the usual. The sewing Quilts for Thialand is now finished (phew), not that I actually quilted any, just sewed some tops. I did about 6, steph the same, and her crocheted blanket. I did sew on 30 labels once the quilts were made. I printed some labels on fabric transfer paper, then ironed them on scrap material, I did 84 of those. Then this..Auntie Nicky (my sister), booked, and invited Cassandra to a special show for early next year. Nicky sent me the invitation that she made for Cassandra. Cassandra was pretty excited.

We had some missionary friends over for a meal, and they brought with them a pressie for us. Take a is a lantern. I wouldn’t trust a real candle in it, but those fake ones fit in well.They also gave this lovely patterned scarf.

This bright sticker was stuck to our bin last week. My little man (Camden), had stuck plastic with etc with the cardboard, grr! Thankfully the garbo still emptied the bin . Today we went out, and arrived home at lunch time, so I asked the children to bring in the bins (assuming that they were empty), so they did. Two minutes later the garbo came, so now we have full bins, ugh!! Anyone with a few children will know what a pain that is.

This is another engagement cake that I made for a friend’s daughter. I know, I’m not original, but I think that towels make great wedding presents. I actually drove up to Drouin (over an hour away) for the engagement party, only to find that I was a day early!! I stayed for half an hour, then left. I am such a twit. I did go back the next day, but for only an hour, as I had to get back for a baptism, and had to leave our house by four. Saying that, I didn’t end up going to the said baptism, because three of my children (the youngest), came down with temperatures, and needed to rest. So the last few days have been filled with lots of hugs (nice), lots of movies (sick of them), and panadol ( a lifesaver). Today, I made everyone go out for half an hour, to capture some sunshine, to lift their spirits and to kill some germs :D. Everyone enjoyed it except for Camden, he looked pretty tired though, so we came back home.It was a beautiful spring day.When we got home, I started on sorting out the “show bags” for Dayspring Day.My floors are covered with stuff, stuff and more stuff. This is the fun part, putting it altogether. We have 140 bags, almost ready to go. I just have to punch holes in the calendars so that they can be hung up. (That always hurts my hands), I’m such a whinger!

On a side note, look what I found for a couple of dollars, my heart skipped a beat seeing these spotty cloths. I bought two sets, and walked out of the shop feeling like a queen (I’m really not that hard to please eh?).Speaking of cleaning, my favourite thing to watch on You tube are the “How Clean is Your House?” episodes. How disqusting are those houses? I must say though, some of the things that they clean, I have never thought to clean, so I am learning too. They both are characters, so while I sewed on lables, I watched.I have also listened to a great number of messages at 

I finished my book, and cried a few tears. I think everyone should read Uncle Tom’s Cabin. If you haven’t read it, give it a go.

Until next time, see you.

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