Sep 06 2010


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Ok, so I’m not feeling that happiest right now, so I haven’t been blogging. Sadness does that. I will reflect on what I have been doing (apart from the negative yucky stuff, I don’t want you to be sad too!).This is Stephanie’s first blanket that she has crocheted. She is giving it to an orphanage in Thailand. Here is a picture that is a bit closer..I volunteered to make some tags to pin onto the quilts, I printed them off, used my Sizzix to cut out the tag shapes, then I laminated them.They have each child’s name on them. I also said that I would print out some labels on fabric transfer paper, and iron them on fabric.I have also finished the boxes for all of the missionary cards, 140 of them.and these are the cards…Now I just have to put them into the boxes…ugh!I saw this mug for $2, it called out to me “buy me”, so I did!I tried to get a nice photo of the children.

We had to take Lachlan shopping for some clothes, he had a “Casual dress” day at school, we couldn’t let him go to school wearing pants two inches too small, that would be like painting a target on his back! I tried to catch a photo of Lachlan coming out of the change room, he was onto me, but I love the look on Camden’s face the moment I am reading Uncle Tom’s Cabin, it is very moving, I recommend that you read it.

I find it difficult to understand how people could sell other people, tear them away from their families, and beat them like dogs. What I find really horrible is that the some churches found it ok to have slaves!! Another reason why you don’t leave your brain at the door when you become a christian. We have the Bible, that tells us that we are all made in the image of God, we are to treat peiple the way that we want to be treated. We are to give an account of how we live our lives, we are to live as Christ. What are we doing today that might not be what God wants us to do? Dayspring Day is just around the corner, I’ve got to get going.

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  1. Joyon 07 Sep 2010 at 11:41 pm

    (((hugs))) Cassie…..

    Love the crocheted blanket and boy have you been busy with tags, labels and cards.. welll done 🙂


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