Sep 05 2010

Happy Father’s Day.

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Happy Fathers Day Dads (as if any of you are reading my blog, hee hee). Today We went to Ashburton Pressie Church where Jared preached, then home to a yummy roast dinner and a home made lemon meringue pie. My mum and dad came for lunch too, which was nice. The funniest part of the day was when mum said goodbye to Camden, and ruffled his hair. Guess what Camden did back? You guessed it, ruffled her hair! Little boys should learn very quickly, that is something you just don’t do. Hahaha.Tonight the children had arranged a special evening of Fun and games for Jared and I. For one and a half hours we sat and competed against eachother with a willing buddy (Alycia with Jared), and Camden with me. Not only did we have some whopper quiestions, we also had to dance, act and plan out a new country within five minutes (tough game eh?)Stephanie dressed as the host, Lachlan was the judge and sound effects man, and Cassandra was just pretty (a direct quote from Cassandra).It was a fun night.

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