Aug 26 2010

“L” sums it Up

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Lemons, Laminate and Love.

This week has flown by, I don’t think I can tell you what day it is…oh, that’s right, Thursday. On Monday we went to visit Jared’s G’Parents in Buln, Buln. I hadn’t seen them for ages, so I felt almost guilty walking in. We had a lovely lunch and chat, then I zoomed off to pick up Steph’s supervisor for her “1000” steps chalenge. Then after preparing tea, I was off to Lygon St at Koko Black with the student wives from the Pressie College. It was a nice night, but is so not me, going off to have a “Girl’s Night”. I would rather be home, but I did enjoy the company, and the cake (it was $13, I could feed a family dessert on that!).

The L stands for lemons!four bags full! My sister in-law has an abundant tree, the children asked on my behalf if I could have some, they came back with alot. So we have made some lemonade. Ikg of juice to 1Kg of caster sugar, heat slowly in a saucepan, it will thicken slightly, and then yum. Add some to a pitcher, then add water, very refreshing. I am thinking that I might have to preserve some in salt.Jared’s parents sent Jared a parcel from QLD. It isn’t Jared’s birthday, but I didn’t open it. I spoke to Jared at lunch time, and told him about the parcel, so he said that we could open it, it was full of toys. Scoobies, batteries, clingy little men, a hat, a moose on a chain, and this cool lego torch. The torch was intended for Jared, Jared shares 😀 We have done school, finished two more quilt tops. Steph did the bright one, I finished the safari one. I have come to the conclusion that I am not good at putting colours together.Ok, so it needs an iron.We have also been cutting cards. I have cut them all out myself. One night in one hour in the car I cut 700 cards. I have thousands of cards to cut. This is half of them done.Actually it might be a third, ugh!This is Stephanie doing her “community service” as part of her bronze award for the Duke of Edinb. I stalked her, and gave her a bit of a fright..naughty me.

Do you know the Ten Commandments? Well, Lachlan does! A student in his class was asking if anyone knew the 10th commandment, the teacher said, “Let’s see if Lachlan knows” “Do not Covet” Lachlan answered. Then someone said “what number is the one , do not kill?” Six, he answered. Good on you Lachlan.  Don’t you love this imagine? It’s from a very creative woman’s blog, take a look at

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