Aug 21 2010

Don’t Shop at Midnight.

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Do you ever have that feeling, that you mean’t to do something, but you didn’t actually do it? We, I have only just discovered that I have actually done something before,  in fact, three times!! This is what happens when you shop at midnight! Oh man, how could I order something twice? I have done it three times!! Shhh, don’t dob on me, I don’t think that Jared wil find it funny.

This is my house at the moment, it will only get worse. I am very thankful that I have helpful children. Do not visit me, seriously don’t! Unless of course, you want to cut, or sweep :D, then you will be most welcome.What else have I done? School, visiting (a friend of my had an op), vistors for tea (some missionaries), I always love hearing about where peope live, and what is on their heart. Um, er…what else?Look what I found in an op shop on Friday. A whole bag of new Australian wool! 7 Balls, with knitting needles, for $10. I will keep it for Steph for Christmas (does that sound cheap?). At least I know that she would like it.  Steph just loves crochet, she is working on a blanket for Thailand at the moment, she also just finished a little scarf…if only she could choose some clothes that match it.Today we took Lachlan to sport, he threw a shotput three times, and then we drove home…via Knox City. I have discovered that Steph and I should never go to the pokies together. There was a little toy dispenser (you know the ones that you put $2 in, turn the knob, and get a toy?)well, to cut a long story short, we wanted the train to give to someone, but ended up with five carriages, some tracks and a bridge! I spent all my money!! Steph was saying, one more, the next one will be the train. What is wrong with me?? No wonder my husband doesn’t give me a credit card. This mag is the best! I found it in the op shop for $1, I haven’t seen it in any newsagency, but I have seen it on Melissa’s blog, she is the editor. can’t see where you can subscribe to it though.

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  1. Nickyon 23 Aug 2010 at 7:51 pm

    Who is Stephanie giving the scarf in Thailand too? One of the orphanages? Nice work Steffi!

  2. Cassieon 24 Aug 2010 at 2:42 pm

    The scarf is for her, she is making a blanket for Thailand.

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