Aug 16 2010

The Wheels on the Bus….

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Today I had to drop off the VW to get a little service. It was raining, and I had to find my own way home. Last time I walked home, it took me nearly two hours (it is very hilly), today I decided to catch a bus.It was freezing, What’s with the bus stop seats being metal, you may as well be sitting on the fridge! It took us two buses and a train to get home, we should have just walked.

Alycia was my travelling buddy. As we walked up the hill to go home, we passed a cafe, and she said “We have nearly lived here for three years, and we have ever gone into this cafe”, so in we went and bought a hot chocolate each and  some raisin toast $12.50 later (trying to think of this as bonding time rather than a rip off).

While we were in the cafe I overheard a couple speaking, she said “People believe in the government rather than God”. I could leave that alone, I struggled within myself whether to say anything. After a couple of minutes, I turned to her and said “excuse me, I couldn’t help but overhear what you said, I just wanted you to know, that I trust in God” We had a little conversation it ended up that they were Christians, and they were doing some kind of study. I should have spoken up to the Indian man who was dressed in bright orange, with a red dot on his forehead instead. Another missed opportunity to share the gospel.

On a different note, here are a couple of other quilts that we have been working on.This is the one I did.Steph did this one, and Alycia sewed the next one up. Now we have two more to do!!My sewing machine, actually needs a service now, it won’t sew properly.

Tonight the girls had a Princess party for Girl’s Brigade. They all looked lovely dressed up.Tonight I am watching The Passion of the Christ. I don’t really like these kind of movies, I would recommend reading the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, if you want a better understanding of why Christ died. Growing up, I knew Christ died for sinners, but it didn’t mean anything to me, after all, People die every day. Innocent people are killed every day, and some might even die for others. So why does Jesus death mean so much? Because there is so much more to it, the fact that he is perfect, without sin, that he knows us, even before we are born, he knows our hearts, He is God. Only he could be the lamb without blemish who could takeaway our sin, and give us his righteousness in it’s place. So much more. Please search the scriptures yourself.The opposite end of the spectrum.

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  1. Narelleon 17 Aug 2010 at 5:40 am

    oy vay!
    Next time you have 3 choices LOL… walk, bus/train or let Narelle know a couple of days before hand!!!

    We’re getting the brakes done on our car this morning – being the car that it is, we’re getting it done at Knox City… so we’ll have 2-3 hours there…. some read aloud, a library visit, a couple of things to buy, something to return, some lunch (early) and much roaming and by then they should be done!

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