Aug 12 2010

I Have Proof!

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So It’s not so big, but it’s proof that I’ve either been hit, or been to the dentist.Yesterday I took Stephanie to check out the ACEY school. She can do her VCE  over two years by attending once a week, how cool is that. Thankfully she is self motivated, I’m sure that she will do really well. We sat in on a year 11 English class, it was interesting..memories. Stephanie was asked a question, she answered it really well. On Wednesday afternoons she is volunteering at our local library for an hour every week. She was asked by someone if she knew where something was, and she said “No, sorry, I’m just doing community service” What?  Now they are going to think that she is a criminal.Look at this cute book that I bought for Cassandra today.Don’t you think that the pictures are cute?

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  1. Narelleon 12 Aug 2010 at 9:08 pm

    Love the book! Love the pictures!

    (random comment coming) Also keep meaning to ask… any chance you have a daughter that might be interested/willing/able to teach beginner piano?

    and yep… Stephanie needs a different answer… ‘just doing volunteer work’ might sound a smidge better LOL

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