Aug 03 2010

I’m Sew Crazy!!

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Haha, I’m so funny!! Ok, I might be a little crazy, but not for sewing. This weekend was one of the busiest yet! Friday there was Youth Group for Lachlan, and then I drove to drop Stephanie off for a Girls Brigade camp. Sat. morning was a soccer game in Hawthorn. Then I dropped Lachlan home and picked up Alycia to attend a sewing bee to make quilts for children who live in an orphange in Thailand. Agh! I was sooooooooo out of my depth, they all looked so professional. I had an internal meltdown. Does anyone else have those, you know how it goes (am I the only one without talent, can’t I do basic “women” things??). I found a few little squares, and I thought, well, I can at least arrange these and sew them. Once I arranged them into a little pattern a lady said to me that they were not equal squares!! Me being me, said to myself (as you do), I will sew it anyway. This is it so far.I will be adding a yellow border, and then larger floral squares. I actually like it, although Steph thinks that it is gross. Steph made this one (it still needs a border)and this one, Alycia I sewed together.

the quilt.

If you would like to make a quilt or even a quilt top and pass it onto me, just email me at

After the sewing bee, I got home, made tea and then took Camden to a Boys Brigade fun night. Alycia and Lachlan came with me. Boy, it was alot of fun, but super busy. We were all impressed with all the indoor games, including lasers, soccer, mini golf, knock the cans, and comando. So fun, but I do think some of those boys need a good lesson on basic manners, they all seem to rev eachother up too.This was my group of boys, Camden, the boy with the white T-shirt and his hands in his pocket is my son. There were four other groups, we came third.Just before we left for Boys Brigade, Cassandra hit Camden with a bat, nice eh? Three days later, he still has a nice little black eye.On Sunday we went to Church, had a fellowship lunch, picked Steph up, and then the girls made this cushion with Ellie our neighbour. Cute huh?

And now we start again, oh, I nearly forgot, I have something else to show you. We were given a lovely fish tank by one of my parent’s friends. They were so generous. Jared grunted at first, but now he is actually enjoying the fish. (now I know that anyone that knows us is saying “Oh, no, not another pet”, but perhaps this one will survive?

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