Jul 11 2010

What’s Up?

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Busy, busy, busy… Jared wanted us all to come to the city with him on Friday. To be truthful, I really didn’t want to because I just wanted to stay home, but I decided to be good and go, happily. Jared had a meeting for a couple of hours so I had to entertain the children for a while. Now what would I do? The children thought that it might be fun to check out the Melbourne library. They had a shopping exhibition in there too, so we thought we would have a little looksie. We discovered a little room with chess sets set up for people to play. Trying to look intelligent we settled next to two gentleman, while Camden and Lachlan had a little game.We also discovered that Camden feels that he would like to have a huge library. When we walked into this room, he said “Ahh, now this is my home”.As you can see he made himself quite at home (which was rather embarrassing considering that there was a lady sitting right opposite him). The actual exhibition was weak, although there was a pretty dress..The girls thought that it was a wedding dress, but no, it was a dress for a ball, afterall is was a beautiful shade of lemon.We saw some good ole art work depicting Australian history, such as Burke and Wills.Earlier we had discovered that Seven Eleven sold hot chocolates for $1, so we bought five!Then we went off to the Victorian Market, and on the way we visited some turtles.I saw a top that would have been suitable for me..although probably a little insensitive to people with anorexia.

We finally met up with Jared and enjoyed a Chinese meal with him. Can you see how excited he is?Of course we did other things such as go to the Docklands and a tram trip.On saturday I decided to join Joy in finishing some of my UFOs (that unfinished projects folks!). Why don’t you put your name down at her blog and join me.http://joysquilts.blogspot.com/ I can’t be the only one with lots of unfinished items around the house can I? Here are some of my items. Bibs without fasteners, appliques without hair, hair bands without elastic, etc, etc.and others..

Check out these fingerless gloves that Stephanie crocheted. I think that she is brilliant! She told me not to wear them in private, because she doesn’t think that they are any good, but they are great don;t you think?

Today Jared preached at Frankston, it was good to hear him preach. He always inspires me to live a godly life. Later in the afternoon we visited someone who just delievered a 11p 12 oz baby boy. Wow! What a cute baby, he didn’t look that big, but he felt it. Babies are such a blessing.

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  1. Rebekahon 30 Jul 2010 at 12:42 pm

    Those gloves are AWESOME Steph! I’ve been thinking I need a pair for when I come into the church on those cold mornings, how good would they be on piano roster too!!

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