Aug 19 2008

working to get no where!

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Today, I got together with a girl friend and the children to cut, cut and more cut, ready for Dayspring Day. We also had a lot of laminating to do, but guess what, the laminator decided to die! I tried to revive it by unscrewing the casing, but who am I kidding? Ok, it made me feel intelligent for a brief second, but the laminate wouldn’t pull out any easier!!!Ugh!! So after spending a day at my friend’s house (which was nice of course), we drove home only to find that Camden’s feet had suddenly grown, or his shoes had shrunk! Yes, that’s right, we had the little three year olds clogs (Note to self, check that my children are wearing their own shoes, and not your friend’s child’s). Too bad that I live about 3/4 hr away!

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