Jun 25 2010

Parcel recieved.

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Today I recieved my favourite things post, I had to have a little laugh, because it was kind of the opposite of what I sent her. I think we have different tastes. I did take a photo, but somehow it has been deleated, go figure! There were a couple of books that I liked, one about how to make something from nothing, and this book.This one made me laugh.On another note, I have done an average of 4hrs a day, driving this whole week. I am rather tired. I am not use to peek hour traffic, and tram lines etc, and to make it worse, it rained today. But I have survived, and I am thankful.

All of the children were getting into the car to pick Lachlan up this afternoon, but two belts in the car wouldn’t work, so I asked Steph and Alycia to stay home. Knowing that Alycia is competant in the kitchen these days, I asked her to prepare tea, and this is what I arrived home to.I felt so blessed, that my girl did this. What an amazing help she is to me.

I took Cassandra to the eye Dr again this week, she now only has to wear her eye patch for two hours a day instead of four. Her eye sight is improving, yay!

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