Jun 24 2010

Driving Miss Daisy (not)

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No, I’m not driving Miss Daisy, but Lachlan. Jared has been invovled in a mission week, so he hasn’t been around, so I have to drop Lachlan off to school and pick him up everyday. It takes me about 1 1/2-2hrs to get him there (on the Monash) or 50 min a back way, and then of course I have to come home, and do it again not many hours later. Of course all the other children have places to go too. I can’t wait until the holidays!

On a brighter note, I sent off my favourite things swap. This is what I sent Holly.Of course there is some Cadbury! Can you see the book? It is one of my treasures. I have had one for about 15 years, and I recently found two others in an op shop, so I included one. They have little christian sayings from people like Moody, Spurgeon etc. The sayings are very uplifting. Of course there is some stationary, a strawberry bag, some lovely sounding bells, a dolphine that lights up when put into a bath, some Cath Kidston hand cream, and a photo mug. There are some other bits and pieces too, see if you can spot them. Enjoy Holly!

This week I also sent off my 10 handmade things. Oh man, that was a lot of work. They get sent to Suzy who will sort all the items, and then each person will get back 10 things that someone else made. I’m not expecting great things here, but I have hope.:D You have seen the Gratitude Wrap, the wrist pincushion, let me show you some other things.a drink bottle holder.

a tea towel.A bow holder with two hair clips.an apron, yes I know, it’s in the bag already. Trust me, it was nice. What else…two beeswax candles (which I made in the Keepers at Home course), a tissue holder with two snack bags for lunches.a bag like I made Litsa, but it’s a lot brighter in colour. (yes, that’s in a plastic bag too!). That’s it I think.

let me show you one of my treasures, my Above Rubies magazines. I don’t agree with all the theology in them, but I find the magazine very uplifting, and it encourges me to be a better mum. I have just heard that Nancy Campbell will be in Australia in September so I am hoping that I can attend the day seminar in Gisborn. My daughter Stephanie laughs when she watches the video that I have of Nancy, it is more because of her “out there” personality. Humph!Look what the children found on our back fence yesterday.How nice is she? Meryl owns the book shop in The Basin, called http://www.rainydaybooks.com.au/, she has a website too. So now we have a complete set of great encyclopedias, how cool is that hey?

Well, that’s it for now. I could talk about how we have the first female PrimeMinister in Australia, but you have probably heard that by now, am I right? ┬áSo sweet dreams everyone, try not to have nightmares.

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