Jun 18 2010

Fun and Games!

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A new trampoline is so much fun!Yesterday I went to a meeting in the city with Steph and Alycia. We heard from some missionaries who work in India. Jared had dropped us off at Lachlan’s school, and then we caught a couple of trams. It was a big adventure for me, as I haven’t caught a tram for a very long time. I was nervous, which is quite silly, as it was, I had nothing to worry about. After Lachlan’s sport we all walked to the tram stop and traveled to the end of the tram line where Jared picked us up. I don’t enjoy the city, too many people!Do you like Flinders Street Station? I think that it looks pretty cute. This is Melbourne, Australia, in case  you were wondering. The city now have bikes that you can rent, just like in Paris!

and us on a tram.

Lachlan brought home a huge poster of his school yesterday with a note saying that if we don’t return it in a week, we will be charge $60 for it. It has everyone who attends Scotch College in it. Try spotting Lachlan, its like spotting “Where’s Wally”

Last night we discovered that Stephanie got an “A” for her grade 5 piano exam.Today we visited my mum, and went to the Homeschooling sports day. The older children went for a walk up the 1000 steps (in the Dandenongs) tonight. They had fun despite the cold and rain.


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