Apr 23 2010

He's Dreaming…

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Last night my son told me of an excussion that he could go to, to Italy!!! All it would cost is $8000, yeap, you heard me right, $8000. He doesn’t even like art! As if!! I asked him this morning, did you really think that we would say yes? He said “No”. Then I asked him, would you really want to go with people you don’t know to a place so far away? He replied “No”, so I guess he was dreaming after all. Save up my son, maybe you could go on a big trip in  a few years, I hear Safeway is hiring.

Being a wonderful mother I have always told my son that he may as well speak in Chinese, because he mumbles his words. Who would have thought, that he is actually good at learning Chinese? He told me that he did very well in his test, go figure.

My son has made some new friends, due to his great talent…..Yup, that’s my boy!

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