Apr 18 2010


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Today the girls and I were watching Little House on the Praire on my bed, I fell asleep. I woke up to this.Cassandra deliberatly, bit, twisted, and pulled her glasses apart. That sums up Cassandra’s mood today.

Yesterday we went to Como Gardens, on The Basin Olinda Rd. I was hoping to see an old homestead, but it was just a garden.  Not so disappointing really, for the gardens were beautiful.It was only $7 for the adults and free for the children.

I like this action shot of Cassandra running.This is Jared and Stephanie, they always walk together like this, they enjoy eachothers’ company.

Yesterday afternoon I emptied my filing cabinet, I regretted it. I did manage to throw many papers out, while also discovering a few gems such as this…Jared and I were presented these when he graduated from Theological college and the ripe old age of 21. We had been married for only 5 months. I really like them, they are made from curtain rings, they have our hearts’ desire on them.This is Jared and I at my 18th suprise party that Jared and his family threw for me.This is Jared and I when we were 19/20? We broke up just after this photo was taken, so it brings up a mixture of emotions. Obviously we got back together 😀

This is me now.This is me now, yeah, I know, ripped off! Poor Jared. And this is after I have brushed my hair!

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