Apr 14 2010

Photo Glutton.

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Warning this post has many photos in it.

Ok, during the last week of School holidays we went to Docklands, Melbourne. We were actually hoping to find the big climbing wall so Camden and Alycia could climb it, but we couldn’t even find those outlets, so we walked around here instead. We found a dinasour, a real one!This isn’t the real one, the next one is though. Camden was the brave boy challenging the furious beast.We then caught a tram, and visited an Indian resteraunt for tea. Jared had a curry, can you tell? EwwThe saddest bus in the world.Reason? Yeah right, I came from a monkey? When I was at the Zoo a few months ago, and I heard a woman say to her child “Isn’t it amazing that the animal evolved to have those feet for survival?” I went away thinking…”If animals/people evolved to adapt to their surroundings, why don’t the people in Ethiopia evolve so they don’t need food and water?” Silly really isn’t it. I think that you need more faith, to believe that  God doesn’t exsist. Don’t be on that sad little bus peoples!

I went to visit my friends in Berringa, it took about 2.5 hrs to get there. Camden typically “fell” into the dam, and ended up wearing Steph’s old dressing gown for the rest of the day..what’s worst is that he didn’t seem to mind it.The next day we had the Volley Ball competition for the whole of Victoria. All (or at least some) Presbyterian Youth Groups compete. Considering that we have just joined a different church, we thought that we would just be watching, but our church youth took pity on us, so Lachlan and Stephanie played. We didn’t win, but we did win the cheerquad trophy (we were very vocal).I finished, and posted my pincushion swap…I went to a meeting about a special trip run by the church, and now Steph is very interested in going…Um, what else?Lachlan has just started to wear his winter uniform. Don’t you think he looks handsome?

Today a made a giant nappy, you heard me. I’m sure it could fit an adult! Mmm, might come in handy in a few years, oh, I digress. This nappy is to avoid paying $12 a week for night time nappies for my four year old. Most nights she is ok, but others, not so. She is very excited about it, huh? Now it will be modeled.and the back…

it has a removable pad of 8 layers in the middle, lets just see if it will do. No wonder these cost a lot to buy on etsy, it cost me about $100 in frustration. Maybe I should make another one, just for practice?

Now I am off to take Steph to piano and violin lessons, and tommorow I am off to Moe for a mission meeting. G’night.

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