Apr 08 2010

I'm Off

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I’m off for a big drive tommorow, to visit my friend Lian, she lives past Ballarat. Oh man, I can’t find the address, and I have to leave early tommorow…ho hum, I’ll think about it tommorow. I just came home from a catch up with some homeschooling mums, it was nice to touch base again. There is nothing like a little laugh to brighten up a week.And just because I don’t have a recent photo to put in my blog entry, here is a random one. It is me! My parents had this photo and one of my sister up on the wall, can you see the dart marks? My sister use to throw darts at it, I guess I was an annoying little sister, still am, things haven’t changed much eh? Mum gave me this huge picture, and I chucked it…this is my momento, a photo of it. As you can see, mum wasn’t that great at cutting hair either, lol!

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