Mar 21 2010

Run the Race.

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Yesterday was Camden’s Boys Brigade sports day. Camden had been looking forward to the competition, he was convinced that he would come home with a handful of ribbons. Camden was the only Anchor boy representing his branch of Boys Brigade, until one more boy turned up an hour later. So Camden was put into a mixed team for the Tug o War. No ribbon, he was disappointed. We watched the other boys, and when one team finally won, my dad told me that Camden had grabbed the rope and helped to give it an extra pull, thus helping the team to win, noone else had noticed. What was he thinking?

Camden had to run 400m in the heat, he came equal last? Later he had to do 800m. Camden ran around the track and was happy to finish, until everyone was yelling to run around again. He is obviously a distance man, he copes better in a big run. So he didn’t win anything, but he tried his best. I must say that Camden and his little buddy were good sports, and that is what develops good character right? Maybe next year, he will get a ribbon.

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