Mar 18 2010

Back to Front and Inside Out.

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I’m blogging back to front today, as I have been a slacko updating my posts. Jared made some room on my hard drive so now I can type to my little heart is content. Today we got another pet! Now don’t be shocked folks, I know what you are thinking. These pets will last longer than any of our real pets. These are Zhu Zhu pets. They are so cute. Cassandra got one today because she has worn her eye patch without any problem for 6 weeks, it was her “carrot” so to speak.Cassandra became desperate for an outfit too, the bathers with googles, but…I didn’t give in. The outfits are $10 a pop, but I found this site, which gives you a tutorial on how to make some outfits, so perhaps…Take a look if you are interested.

Alycia made tea last night, she is a natural cook. I used the heart cookie cutter to make the rice look cute, but she did the rest. For a 10 year old she is very talented.WE had some vistors the other night, and the lady was talking about her youth and how she use to pop lizard eggs, Alycia ran outside and asked if these were lizard eggs, and they were. She loves nature. The photo is too dark, but you can just see them.Lachlan had his first rowing races last weekend. The children and I went to watch, we were pretty much the only ones cheering, what’s with that? I felt like Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady, screaming out “Go Lachlan”  He and his buddy and the cox won the first race, so they were in the final, they won a third.He was pretty happy at winning a medal.

Lachlan said that he enjoyed the day because the boys didn’t swear, parents were around.

Alycia received a gift from our friends who have moved up to Ballarat, some yummy sweets from Soverign Hill.

I made a couple of things, a pillow case for Steph’s triangle pillow, and a little cover for a little note book.And now for some eye candy, don’t you love this bike? I don’t like the price though.We had a huge hail storm last week, it is the first time I was a little scared during a storm, check out the size of the hail stones.Gotta go and pick up Camden from Boys Brigade, see ya.

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