Feb 28 2010

How Much You are Loved.

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9IbUYRpQSA  I love this song. Why? Isn’t it nice to be loved? I guess I have always struggled with that assurance, not that I have reason to doubt anyone’s love for me. I appreciate God’s love so much,  even though He truly knows me, He still loves me. Who doesn’t want that? You can have that love to0. Christ died for the ungodly, to forgive us our sins, He loves us that much 😀

A week has gone by and I haven’t blogged, what’s wrong with me? Well, I’m tired, and I haven’t been staying up late, and we all know that bloggers are night owls eh?

We threw a suprise party for Alycia last Friday night ( I will never do a suprise party again). All our family avoided eye contact with Alycia as we lied through our teeth as to what we would be doing for her party. Camden said to me ” I can’t look at Alycia’s eyes anymore”.  Jared took her to work with him, and Steph and I worked like crazy. All the girls had to dress as something starting with A. Stephanie was Anne of Green Gables. Alycia is now 10.This is Steph, Alycia and Lachlan. Isn’t Alycia a doll? Alycia went pale and a little wobbly when everyone jumped out and suprised her.Ok, so you see this balloon? You might be a bit more observant than me, and notice that it says Birthday boy? Note to self: never take a 4 year old to choose  balloons, they stress you out as they pick one out and start to blow them  up…grr. Alycia received this top from one of the girls.

The next day we went to visit our G’ma, check out her bruised arm. Evidently it looked worse a few days before this photo. She bruised after a lot of blood tests etc.I hope they gave G’ma a lolly pop after that big booboo. Poor G’ma.

Jared and I had a disagreement, cough, cough, about whether the wardrobe would fit up the stairs or not. I said that it would, so he taught me a lesson. The wardrobe was heavy, I was wrong, and he was right. This is Jared with a fake smile.I have done some sewing this week. I followed this tute http://www.instructables.com/id/How_to_Sew_Your_Own_Pajama_Pants/on how to make PJ pants for Cassandra, and then this onehttp://indietutes.blogspot.com/2007/07/peasant-blouse.html for a peasant top to match.This photo is before I made the top.Do you know that you look after your clothes better if you make them yourself? Well, you do. Go make something, and see 😀 I also made this on the weekend, for Ellie. Ellie is turning 13, and she loves ballet.I followed this tutehttp://www.graceviolet.com/search?q=fabric+bucket from Grace violet, but instead of using bias binding for the rim, I inserted the outer layer into the inner layer, right side together, sewed, leaving a hole to flip them right side out. Then I just top stitched. Then we filled it with good stuff 😀

Last night I took the girls to a free concert at Malvern Gardens. Stephanie’s piano teacher was playing in it. It was cool, but lovely huddled in the shelter tent with all of our quilts. It finished at 9.30.

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