Feb 16 2010

Eye Candy

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When I surf on the internet, I often just save pictures that catch my attention. Let me just see what I have saved…I love this, everyone could make one of these. Considering that my children did some sign language last year, I  think I will get them to do one. Maybe saying “God loves you”.

This is an idea, would you hug this thing? I would, I could do with a hug. Check out this site, it has some amazing photos of odd things, be warned though, they do throw in a rude pic every now and then..http://www.offbeatearth.com/

This is a cute idea for a jumper don’t you think?

This would be a great little gift for a special little girl. I can’t remember where I found this, probably etsy.

At the moment I am watching Martha Stewart, I just love the fact that I can tape it, and watch it later. I love the way they make cute note books from their used papers. Oh, can I have a Paper Pro? It is one amazing stapler.Last night we went to the college start of year service, it was very light on. It’s funny how you can get a little discouraged by people not turning up. We had a good sermon though.

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