Feb 10 2010

Not Another One!

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I am not talking about spiders here, although….there is another one hiding. I’m talking about ANOTHER Masters. Yes, Jared has just received his third masters. Ho hum, perhaps we should wallpaper a room? It really is very impressive although Jared doesn’t crow about it, quite the opposite. The funny thing is that Jared insisted in framing my associate diploma in theology over 14 years ago, but his “biggies” are still sitting somewhere loose in the house.

Today I had alot of leftover pumpkin, so I used this book to give me a few ideas.We had hot chocolate, and it was yummy. The girls were onto me, but Camden guzzled the whole cup and thought that it was delicious. Here is the recipe, try it, I dare you.Ok, the pumpkin on the inside of the cup might be a bit off putting, but just vitamise it a little better than I did.I also made some yummy oatmeal with the pumpkin, yum!

My sister just ordered two nappy cakes from Stephanie, yay! Stephanie is rich, oh, my birthday is only 2 months away…

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