Feb 01 2010

Back to School.

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Today we started back to school. Unfortunatley our books haven’t arrived yet, so I improvised. We went through the flags and countries of the world. writting, maths,etc. Thankfully Steph and Alycia have a subject to do from last year. Cassandra is due to start this year, so I am back to “M, M, M, Milton Mule” She is so excited! Jared and I went out tonight and bought her some school supplies. She is very spoilt because she is the first one to get brand name items. She asked Jared for a princess pencil case, Jared and I nearly gagged when we saw the $8 price tag! Jared said no, she didn’t pout, so Jared’s heart melted, and then he said yes (why doesn’t he do that to me??). Here she is with her booty.I don’t understand why, but it seems when I am the busiest, I achieve more in my day. I made some melting moments (found in one of my favourite, yet dorky cookbooks), and some donuts. They were very nice hot out of the oven, not so much once cold.These are baked not fried.Here is the recipe.And this is the dorky cooking book, that I like. I normally only buy cookbooks with pictures in them so I know how they are suppose to look like, but these are all standard Australian recipes, so I didn’t need them.

I have to leave at 6 am to take Lachlan to rowing practice tommorow morning, oh man!

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  1. old fashioned ladyon 03 Mar 2010 at 4:59 am

    Hi Cassie!!
    We finally have internet access. Yay! Jeremy should be able to work from home now. We just need the 2nd phone line connected and we’ll be right. Got a cute little puppy last week, named Charlie.
    Please tell Alycia that I finally found my birthday calendar and realised we’d missed her birthday. I haven’t been to the shops to post her card yet. Sorry! Hope it was special. xx
    I THINK this is our new email address, will confirm soon. Chat soon, Lian.

  2. cassiescuddleson 06 Mar 2010 at 4:09 am

    Soo good to hear from you. I saw Verity today and passed on Anna’s letter. This week she moved into a community unit for 4 weeks to see if she can live independantly. Then she will be back in the other place for maybe 6 months. She looked lonely, but Anna’s letter and a Big M cheered her up a little. .

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