Jan 31 2010

Nappy Cakes and School

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andand againThese are four of Stephanie’s Nappy Cakes ready to sell. We tried a few flower shops to see if they wanted to buy some, but Of course they want them cheaper than $50. We only use the best brand nappies, we put in singlets, socks, cream, a good bottle..no cheap stuff. Stephanie only clears about $8. She also has a handmade baby blanket in there.

 Lachlan went for his first day of school on Thursday, just for a few hours. Friday was a full day, he was very tired when he got home. He was mostly excited about the special locks for his locker. He made a friend, who happened to be friends with two other nice boys that he already knows. One new boy flanked by two others, came up to him a swore at him. Lachlan gets very offended at foul mouthed people. I have had to explain that people talk like that to appear cool, others do it without thought. I have told him not to break into a sermon every time a boy swears. There are more important things to preach about, such as the love of God and His sacrifice for us.

 We received this little red book in the mail on Friday….talk about organised. It is a diary for the parents with every day something listed.Lachlan has his try outs or swim test to see if he able to swim well enough for the rowing team on Friday. It is all such a novelty for us.

Today I finished reading my book, I hate finishing books. Is it just me, or does everyone feel like they are living the story?  Mind you, after reading this, you think that I would be relieved about finishing it!

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  1. Nickyon 10 Feb 2010 at 5:13 am

    Hi, I like the nappy gifts. I’ll take the Lion and the Duck one please. Will give you $100 next time I see you. Also, love the look of your hot cross buns…yum!

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