Nov 27 2009

Insert Scream Here.

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Argh! We just arrived home from college graduation. Just after we left, I saw a huntsman on the side window, not being sure whether it was inside or not, I said “Jared, pull over please” Jared said why, and then insisted that I tell him, then he pulled into a side street and pulled over. I swear that this spider was on Red Bull or something, because it just kept on running. We drove home with it appearing and disappearing. Jared was very focussed. If I was driving, you would be reading my eulogy right now. I have always said this is what is going to kill me. I just hate spiders so much, even more than dentists, and that is saying something. When I got home, Jared went straight upstairs to have a shower, so I offered any child who could kill the spider $20. Of course I added that I had to see evidence of the crime too. Alycia won, I know owe her $20. It wasn’t an easy thing to do, at 11.30pm. I hope that the neighbours were not disturbed by Stephanie playing the death march on the piano, and Cassandra yelling “kill the spider” repeatedly.

On another note, we received a call today from Scotch College to say that there is a place for Lachlan to go into year 8 next year. This decision has not been made lightly, but we said yes. It’s funny (and also stressful) to see people’s reactions. I had a lady say to me “Yes, I think he should be in school, he is that type of boy), mind you, she has’t seen him for two years. Others are wary, but most say well done. I’m not up to debating our decision, we have agonised and looked over the positives and negatives of our choice. Does anyone care more for their child than their parents? No! We love Lachlan, and want what is best for him. This is our hope for Lachlan since he was born…that he would grow to love and serve the Lord Jesus, that He would be strong and wise with a servants heart. We hope that we have grounded him in what is good and right, and now it is his time to spread his wings while still under our care, and test his own faith and his integrity. If it goes pear shaped, we take him out. Simple. We love you Lachlan.This is Lachlan as an old man, still loving and reading the Bible.

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  1. The Mommyon 20 Dec 2009 at 1:20 am

    You and I are going to die together…screaming in a car (on our way to a luscious flea market/antique store) with a spider crawling happily over our skin. AAAHHHHH

    I hate those buggers!

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