Nov 26 2009


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Mum came over again today. She made a second attempt of making some hearts. They didn’t turn out very well. Mum cracked me up, instead of lowering the machine foot, she actually disconected it, so funny. I know mum reads my blog, so I’ll be nice now. Love you mum. This heart wasn’t too good, so mum saw potential, and passed on the idea to me. Meet Ted.I have grown attached to him. He is ready for a party, he is waiting by the phone for an invitation. I might end up attaching him to a pole or something to give someone a little smile. Have you heard of the Toysociety? People all over the world make toys and put them in a plastic bag and hide them for an unsuspecting person to find. Check out this site.

We had another friend in the house too, a slug. Cassandra insisted that it was a snail. She is a stubborn little thing. I explained that a snail has a house, she put it in a container and then said that it had a house, argh!

Alycia did a bit of creating, after some school.And here are some nappy cakes that Steph has prepared to sell. They will be wrapped in clear cellophane.I did a bit of sewing after tea. An apron to sell at Market day. I will sell it for $15. If it doesn’t sell (which it probably won’t), I will keep it, I love aprons. I will make four others with different prints.Today I received a lovely calendar from my sister in-law who is with Jared’s brother and their children in the US over Christmas. I will show you some photos on the next blog. They are lovely pictures with verses on it, really nice.Little Cassie has been crafting too. Modpodge! Do you think we can sell these can pencil holders for $1? Someone should take pity on her, don’t you think?

Speaking of crafting, this is what my kitchen table looked like yesterday.Stephanie and Lachlan got the results for their science test today. It is a test that all children take at school, so I was interested to see how they fared.  They both did well.

I would expect a higher mark for Steph as she has just finished year 9, but she still did well in comparison with most.

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