Nov 21 2009

Sew Crazy

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This week I sewed the squares together for the quilt. The church ladies are making this for a lady who fell over backwards holding her new born. She was in hospital for months unable to move at all. She is now at home, and able to move a little, but she still has a long road ahead of her. I thought that it might be an encouragement to her if she received a gift from a number of ladies who are thinking and praying for her. I had a little chuckle when her brother in-law said that they really didn’t need a blanket, I said to him, it must be a girl thing. You all understand what I mean don’t you? It is now all stitched, all we have to do is snip all the seams, then wash it. I hope to have it done within the next week.I started to make some bibs for some people who have had babies. I will also make some more for the market day coming up.YOu can find this pattern at a look at this beautiful bird, it was outside our laundry window. It was a mess out there, but I spent the day cleaning up. We also made up some party bags ready for Camden’s first ever birthday party.

Tonight I made up my swap partner’s gift, I will show you what, once I have posted it. And Yes, It involved my sewing machine.

This week I have been given a referal for Cassandra’s lazy eye. Karl (Jared’s brother picked this up, I just thought Cassandra had a party trick).¬† I have a referall too to a “private” Dr, I haven’t booked the appointment yet, but I know that it is a necessity¬† especially since this particular problem is hereditry. Oh man, I can’t spell!!Here is Jared, telling me to go away. I evidently distract him so much that he thinks that he might fall off to the roof.¬† I went off to the tip and hoped that he would be alive when I got back.

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  1. Narelleon 22 Nov 2009 at 6:13 am

    The quilt will be a huge blessing I am sure!
    (yes, it’s a girl thing – it’s not about needing a blanket!!)

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