Nov 17 2009

Fire Ready.

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The heading says Fire Ready, but I wouldn’t like to test it. I have to admit that I have been dreading summer, I don’t like it at the best of times. We have recieved two books about being fire ready from the Victorian government this week, and it does get me a little nervous. Jared has just bought a pump so that we can cover our house with water if need be. This little pump will draw out the water from our pool into two hoses, one to water the roof and the other free hand. The bathroom in our safe spot if we can’t get out, which I fully intend to do if there is any risk. Our neighbours have been cutting down trees, but when you are surrounded by them, it won’t make much of a differance.

I’m very greatful that Jared has thought about it, and has tried to make his family safe. He most likely will be at college, while I am at home with the children. We really do need rain.

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  1. kAY eDWARDSon 23 Nov 2009 at 12:20 am

    Hi Cass.
    You have been working hard on your craft projects. I am sure your friend will appreciate your thoughtful gift of the quilt. I don’t know where you get the time to do all these extra things. Keep up the good work.
    Your Mum.

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