Nov 14 2009

Daily Living.

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Sometimes we just plod along, and this is what my life has been life in the last week. Jared has been painting the top storey of the house (he now has decided that he doesn’t like the colour)IMG_6821IMG_6824I bought this and gave it as a gift to someone. I really enjoy these CD’s. They are found at Visonforum┬áTake a look, they have alot of great items.

Jared’s grandparents are staying with us this weekend to celebrate Grandma’s 85th birthday. I made her two aprons for her birthday. As always I left it to the last minute, so I have to stay up until 1am to finish them.IMG_6829IMG_6828

This week we all have a dentist appointment, Camden has a check up for his arm, Cassandra is getting her eyes checked, and I am booked in too (no, I’m not pregnant!).

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