Nov 09 2009

So Hot!

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Agh, it is so hot today. We had our Homeschooling group today, and the rooms heated up very quickly. We were very happy to get home and jump into our pool. I am thankful for our airconditioner. I really feel for the older people, especially those who still think that they shouldn’t use up their electricity.

 On Saturday our Minister’s wife had a Nibble, Needles and Natter day. It was a great day. She asked everyone to bring something to work on. One lady had never sewn before and she is about 70, she made her first apron, she was so proud of herself. I wanted to learn how to crochet a rug, but first I am learning the basics. I haven’t downloaded the  pic yet so let me see if I can find an example on the internet for you to take a looksie.PlarnRug300x286

Jared has started to paint our top storey this week. He has a rope to support him, and a large ladder. I will carry the phone in my pocket, so I can call the ambulance quickly..

Tonight I popped into Safeway before picking my girls up from Girl’s Brigade. I had little Cassie with me, which is rare at that time of night.  A young man taller than me, was whistling loudly with his fingers in his mouth, of course I turned my head. He then walked right up to my face and did it, I smiled as if he was brilliant and he said “thank you very much” and stumbled off. One thing I learn’t in Moe, was to smile, nod, and don’t say anything. It could save your life. The silly boy, had a black eye, and was high on something.  Cassandra said to me as we got into the car ” I could punch him up” She had a little lesson on how to deal with this kind of thing properly.il_430xN_96445010Look what I found on etsy. A donut bike bell, so cute. No, I haven’t bought it, but it is as tempting as the real thing, don’t you reckon?

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  1. Staceyon 11 Nov 2009 at 9:19 am

    Oh how funny your swap partner is also crocheting. Just checking that you have contacted your swap partner for my Christmasy swap and everything is OK?
    I love that bell, by the way.

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