Nov 02 2009

Digging up the Dirt.

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Today the family worked really hard to clear the little fenced off area in our backyard. Steph had spent a number of days clearing weeds and over growth and piles of wood.  For a small sized girl she showed alot of spunk and determination in all the work she has done.IMG_6772Cassandra took me on a tour of the garden insisting that I smell every rose bush that she had planted…huh?IMG_6776Today I checked on the blog for my swap buddy for christmas. I have been assigned I can’t wait to hear what her favourite colours are etc..

Today was the perfect day for a yummy chicken salad, my fave. Yum! Hopefully it won’t be long before we make it out of our own garden (ok, not the chicken, just the vegies).IMG_6779

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