Oct 11 2009

Ho Hum..

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I have had a lovely time switching off. The family headed off to Ballarat for Assembly, a holiday for us, but not for Jared. We enjoyed the time in a lovely appartment visting places, playing board games and reading. Jared being a great dad, found time to play Monopoly with Camden before heading off at 8am.IMG_6502Then we visited Sovereign HillIMG_6503I liked the shop windows.IMG_6517I discovered this lovely camilia tree, the rich colour was captivating.IMG_6547I went to a mission meeting (it lasted for 5 hrs including lunch). My children were all so good, they were so patient.

Check this cute idea for oranges.IMG_6591

We went to the beach, Camden fell into a rock pool head first (the cast is now a little soggy).IMG_6579

If that wasn’t bad enough, take a look at this bad idea.IMG_6595His cast comes off on Thursday…..although it might slip? off before then.IMG_6592Look at this quilt, isn’t it pretty? I was given some money in thanks for Dayspring Day, they called it a honourarium (did I spell that right?). I bought this with it. I don’t quiet feel right about honourariums….

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