Sep 27 2009

A week in Pictures.

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IMG_6346The last day of school before two weeks of holidays, yay!

IMG_6343A bit of craft…

IMG_6353Alycia’s basket ball player..

IMG_6370Aliens invading the world by Camden (what on earth does this boy watch??)

IMG_6373Opps, you aren’t suppose to see this!

Last month I made a promise to God (a very serious thing). I promised not to buy and eat chocolate bars until Christmas. The secret is now out, the reason for my girth. Chocolate is my Delilah, I have given in too many times. Jared said that I have been savage, and now it makes sense to him. Yes, I have grown horns! I prayed that if anyone offered me anything chocolate if I went to their house, I would eat it to be polite, but no chocolate bars. The first day of the promise the neighbourhood children came with the chocolate drive, argh! Then in the city last week we met….IMG_6388Yup, he gave out free chocolate ( I didn’t eat mine)..

IMG_6379A day spent in the garden (no, snails are not good swimmers Cassandra)


I like this photo of Jared.IMG_6397

IMG_6402It’s called recycling folks!

IMG_6405Camden was given his first real Bible from us. I bought him a large print NKJ to make it a little easier for him. My heart skipped a joyful beat when I went in to tuck him in at bed time, to see him reading 1 Timothy.

IMG_6410A couple of sleepovers…

IMG_6411A clogged washing machine.

IMG_6409Some nifty hairstyles by Ellie.

IMG_6413Some beautiful roses from our garden. They smell so lovely, I feel so blessed to have these lovely roses in our garden.

IMG_6417Steph taught Ellie how to make a quilt too!

I made some cute cleaning cloths, they are folded in this picture. They have towelling on the other side.IMG_6420IMG_6419







Posed for a “Wanted by God” poster.IMG_6423IMG_6432 









Remind me to keep an eye on the whole facial hair as I grow older, it really isn’t a great look for me!IMG_6442I drew this last night for a filler for Dayspring Day. When the children have time to wander around before or after the day, they can get their photo as Bible Bill on his horse.

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