Sep 16 2009

Another One!

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Here is Alycia’s quilt, she has done a great job! ¬†Alycia stitched every single stitch all by herself. I think that hers looked extra fluffy because she had a thicker seem allowance than Steph’s.IMG_6338This is what my house looks like, I can’t stand it! There are stickers, pencils, fluff…you name it, I have it on my floor..on the bench, argh!IMG_6337

150 bags are packed and ready to go, I have enough for 10 more. The house looks so bad, I have stickers, fluff, laminate etc on the floor. Perhaps I need a major cleaning day. I was so impressed with the children helping me pack the bags, especially with Camden. While Camden was happily passing things to me, Cassandra would hand me a pack of cards every now and then to put into the bag. Little did I know that she was hogging into the lollies for DSD under the table, oh man!IMG_6336Narelle I would just like to say, that if Lian and I (well, actually I didn’t do it, my girls did), then you can do it too! Lian is a kindred spirit, we were both a little challenged when it came to sewing. Instead of pouting, we both decided to just have a go, some times it works, other times it doesn’t. I won’t be sewing a wedding dress any time soon, but if you want to sew, just start. I have found You Tube to be a great help, people often put up tutorials on how to sew things. Better still, come over during the holidays and I will show you! Flannette is on special at Spotlight Bayswater for $2 a meter at the moment. To make a small quilt like Alycia’s you need one meter of printed and one of plain. You can add a middle layer if you want, but you don’t have to. Happy sewing folks.

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