Sep 12 2009

Ordered Chaos

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This week has been a hive of activity. The first thing the children and I did were to make treasure stones! I found the recipe in the best book ever called Kids concoctions.IMG_6241Our local Gloria Jeans gave us their used coffee grinds, that is when having young happy children is very helpful (you get them to ask for it) đŸ˜€Â  IMG_6246Here is the recipe.

IMG_6247mix all the ingredients and then mold into a rock and insert toys, ie treasures for your little treasure seekers.IMG_6252I am waiting for them to dry, when they are dry, they look like rocks.IMG_6266The ordered chaos is my house, a total mess!! We have 160 missionary cards cut, laminated, and packed. Today we printed out stickers, stapled the calendars, and punched a hole in each one so that it could hang.IMG_6299after hole punching the calendars my hand was very sore.IMG_6298

Do you remember the special surprise that I was working on? well, it wasn’t just me, it was alot of people. Last night a bunch of homeschooling mums got together to surprise sevvy who is expecting her sixth child, with this beautiful quilt. I was so impressed by Lynne who designed the quilt and with Gerardine who came up with the idea. Can you believe that Lynne is offering the quilt pattern for FREE on a friend’s blog called 

IMG_6275and the happy recipient..IMG_6276Don’t forget to check out the link, it is a beautiful quilt with the Bible verses “you knit me together in my mother’s womb..” Yes, children are a blessing from God.

speaking of children, look at the little ritual that Cassandra has with her daddy every morning now. He dances with her singing a princess song.IMG_6243and then off to work he goes…

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