Sep 05 2009

Three in One.

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ThisĀ  post is three days in one. Thursday we had a busy day with a funeral in the morning, and then straight on to Camden’s arm check up. Nice to see the bones fusing together, it is amazing really.IMG_6190Cassandra was exhausted. I kept her busy for a few hours stringing fruitloops onto a shoelaces.IMG_6192Friday was a good day of school, followed by youth group for the oldest kiddies and a bread run for me.

Saturday we went to the Mission Aviation Day, the children and I enjoyed watching an acrobatic plane, looking at the MAF planes and some army trucks. Camden begged to go onto the jumping castle, but with a broken arm? No way! IMG_6197IMG_6205

Cassandra, Camden and Lachlan went on a little helicopter that was dragged by a tractor. Cassandra was so excited, but when she got off she cried saying “Mummy it didn’t go up in the air” So how responsible does she think I am, putting her on a heligopter without proper doors.IMG_6208We had some lovely visitors, look what they brought for me.IMG_6217Oh, and look at what was in the mail, aren’t they graciousIMG_6216

Today’s advice…If you tell someone that they are grumpy often enoughm they will eventually become grumpy.

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