Sep 02 2009

Brought to You by the letter T

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T for tomato, that’s what the girls needed for their “Keepers at Home” class. Actually they need a few more than one. They made Tomato sauce, Ruth did a great job teaching them. I helped out with the boys this time, they were painting their castles. Do you believe my girls forgot to take some home? tomato

Today we went to visit a lady who has just been placed in a home. I had told her I was coming, but not what time, so when I arrived she wasn’t there. I went back when she was expected back, and waited with the children in the home for her. I think that I met everyone, except the person that I went for. The children were very good as we waited for half an hour in the lounge. We didn’t end up seeing her, so I will have to go again sometime.

Before we went visiting, we popped into the op shop which was fairly close by. Look what I got!IMG_6185Not exactly what I was shopping for. As it was my ticket was displayed on the dashboard, but because of the steepness (is that a word?) of the dashboard it had slipped down, and was difficult to see.ticketOf course I went straight to the council offices, drove, parked, all children out blah blah blah…Showed the paid ticket and the fine. I had to fill in paper work, have my ticket photocopied, blah blah blah…Lets see where this ends. I declare this blog to be my evidence your honour!

Back to the op shop. We bought a bag of toys for $3.99, this included lego, figurines, horses, baby borns and this cute Hello Kitty. Can you tell me what the point of this toy is though? Is Mackers telling us that they do use stray cats for their burgers? LOL!IMG_6189Here is the stray little kitty, turn it inside out and this is what you have…IMG_6188Has it put you off?

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