Sep 01 2009

Stupid and Jealous

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Now that I have,  your attention, I have to say that I had a bit of a laugh when I clicked on my side link sugardoodle. Instead of getting a great site, I was directed to a cattery, what? So a few little letters can make a big differance, not .com but .net!

IMG_6174 Yes, I am Jealous, the reason being is that Jared gave Lachlan a big and expensive gift. Jared is sick of seeing Lachlan play with lego and begging to use the computer. He went out and re-lived his childhood and bought him a model of HMS Hood to build. $70  and two days later, he has already finished (now that surprised you didn’t it Jared?). Lets just say that it has been very peaceful with him quietly working away. All I can think of is how I could buy a beautiful quilt kit for that price, perhaps I’m not idle enough?IMG_6157Cassandra obviously wants to be a little hairdresser. I kept her entertained for a while, while she brushed my hair. It was lovely despite her carving the brush bristles into the top of my head, it felt sore for over 24 hrs, but hey, my hair was shiny!

Look what Steph has been working on, she has been teaching herself how to crochet, she made this cute little hat for this doll.IMG_6158Last week/this week has been a bit of a challenge as a parent. I have had to deal with two of our children seriously. I pray that they will grow in wisdom. I was more disappointed than angry. IMG_6159This is how I am spending a lot of my time lately. I have just folded and glued 160 packets for the missionary cards. I stayed up until 3 am sat. morning to make sure that it got finished.

Remember I told you about singing to an elderly man? He died on Thursday. We were all very sad, but find comfort in knowing that he is with the Saviour that he loves. His cheerful and cheeky manner will be missed by all. SP_Promise_Paper_Daisy_Is_40_8Mr Dunham loved the Word (the Bible). His brother has been left to clear all his belongings, he has been amazed at how many Bibles there are around the house. In the kitchen, by the bed, in the drawer, by the chair. What a testamony!

Off to bed now, I would rather be sewing something, but perhaps I should wait until october!!

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